Retired Cornfields

I made it through the day. A few tears wept on route to work, a few more in school, but cleverly hidden behind my reading glasses and glances away. I had little to say today, and I am sure the kids were glad that I was less than my usual chatty self as it was monday, and they were all draggin butt. They welcome the break though some of them enjoy or perhaps even respect my energy and drive. Today was a day of reflection and work. They seem to take it in stride when I need space; I have to remember to give them theirs when THEIR worlds crash down upon them.

Later this evening I joined up with Leah my co-worker for sushi. She was meeting me and was a bit late but that was fine. I had a book in hand and promptly ordered a glass of wine and settled in for some quiet time --- the first of the day. WHen she arrived, an entire table do food was served as she had called ahead and ordered - instant sushi gratification! That was a first for me and she made me smile. We shared some intimacies that I regret I can't share here and it felt great to have let them go. (you know as a public school teacher I can't go there for fear losing my job!)

After that I took myself to Barnes and Noble to buy myself a few gifts, a Duchs and Dar Williams CD. Two very excellent choices. A trip to Barnes and Noble - or any book or music store can be quite therapeutic. A trip there saved me from the psyche ward once, but that is for another story perhaps. One of my mini melt-down adventures.

Tonights picture was literally a 2 minute sketch and watercolor as we swept by the farmland up north. It is a tiny sketch and a bit enhanced by Photoshop. (wish we could enhance our faces in real life with photoshop. Imagine!) Harvested cornfields, gold with the late afternoon light. It was rich, it was passionate, it was Van Gogh.



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