Creeping Thru the Day

I hardly slept all night again as I was choking on the "crud" and in spite of the cold meds, I could not sleep. I am afraid to take my ambian in the event that I don't wake up if I am choking. Probably my neurosis, but I want to know if I am unable to breathe. I hardly take them, and it has been months since I needed them. So I was up at 4, pacing around, trying not to wake up the household, perseverating whether or not I should call in sick.

The problem with being an art teacher and taking a sick day is the lesson plans. I teach 5-6 different classes, and it can literally take at least an hour to do lesson plans so that the sub survives, the kids don't wreck their art or rob me blind. I HATE doing sub plans. Let me repeat I HATE DOING SUB PLANS. And, almost every time I am out, there is some huge disaster. I work with at-risk teens who behave when I am there because they know my limits and do respect me, but when there is a sub, WATCH OUT!

So I went to work, and schlumped through the day. I lost my voice, but did get a doc appointment in the morning. I am going in after that......due to some important meetings and events, but if I am not well I am NOT going to the Superintendents Conference Day on wednesday. I am supposed to sit in on a class on Gang Awareness, which I am sure is interesting, but my health comes first. I cannot take care of others if I myself am sick!

Megan is going to her first oncologist appointment tomorrow so it will be interesting to see what comes of it.

This is one of my glass slide ornaments that I made. Isn't it amazing what one can do with microscope slides? Who would have ever though when in bio class 35 years ago that people would make ornaments and jewelry out of the glass slides that held amoebas, slices of plants,bug wings and cells! I remember the amazement of seeing these things under a microscope! And it was one of those old fashioned low powered ones!

I listed a few on etsy. I have a few more but am too tired ot list them, but they will appear.

Off to go to the zone, and perhaps watch a German Film "The Warrior and the Princess", by the same director as "Run Lola Run". Or not. Maybe I should just go to sleep.

Sweet dreams my readers, Patti


inventivesoul said…
I like these!
Beautiful ideas!

I get sick like what you are describing, when I cry really hard, and get little sleep.
It starts with a tickle and then a cough and then crud and pain.
Golden seal and Echinacea tea help. Tastes like $#it though!!!
I usually get this type of illness when I am really emotional about something.
Stay away from sweets and caffeine so that you do not get dehydrated.
Cold meds usually aggravate the problem for me.
I hope that things ease up for you and LET ME KNOW,,, if you can use some help!
You can have me do some production work for you if you need multiples done of something to sell!


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