The Election Dinner

I did not write last night as I got home late and had too much wine to have the energy to blog. A long day at school, and a busy one after too. Post Office, vote, chiropractor, masseuse, a hystercial phone call from my daughter because she lost her job (what is she going to do now- sick and a baby and no job or medical benefits?).

But the evening was saved by the dinner my good friend Kip made while watching the votes come in. Great company, great ambiance, great food. And lots of wine. Too much wine, LOL. Squash soup, smoked salmon bits and cheese, Perch from Lake Victoria in Africa, potatoes, kale, and hot apple crisp WITH VANILLA HAAGEN DAAS!!!!

It was all good. The Democrats won the House, and lets hope they can affect some change in America. Let's all keep our thoughts positive. I have to go shower and get ready for work, and look forward to picking up the paper to see who won regionally.

I will be back later for another post later. The bonus for last night's debauchery!
Patti who is a little bit tired but a happy Democrat!!!


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