Stockbridge Church

It is sunday night and I am wiped. I am disturbed over some bad news. Sometimes I feel like a spectator observing a Fellini or Tarkovsky film. I wish that were all that I was; an outside observer, not a participant in the drama that unfolds like a prism; a constant reflection of my life past and present with its endless facets and possibilities. Life forces us to go places that palpate and grope at the tender and hidden areas of the heart and psyche. And it sqeezes.

I always go back to a place where art exists. It calms the nerves and fills the mind with color and form and life and stories. Art can be such a voyeuristic journey into the very essence of an artist. The show at the Norman Rockwell Museum titled "More Than Words: Illustrated Letters from the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art"was an afternoon where I immersed myself into the hearts,minds and passions of artists such as Frida Kahlo (complete with her red luscious lipstick kisses on the letter and art), Frederick Church, Rockwell Kent, Andy Warhol, and so many more. There were letters of love and letters of thanks, of travel to exotic foreign lands. Letters with cartoons, collage, drawings and they were all just divine.

What was even more gratifying was that some of the letters were in special boxes that you could open up and see the letter in its natural state; no glass, no barrier, just the bare essense of pen and paper.

Larry bought me the book of the Smithsonnian's Collection. It is titled More than Words; Illustrated Letter from the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art. Great book, fun to read and learn about many artists. The other book I have is titled "Illustrated Letters, Artists and Writers Correspond", an equally fascinating book. Perhaps it is because of my obsession with paper and the written word that makes these letters so intriquing. As a visual learner, and the correspondances with their illustrations make it all very clear. A vehicle of transportation to another time with the voice of the artist clearly narrating his or her thoughts in my head.

Tonites drawing is of a chuch in the middle of Stockbridge, right across from the Red Lion. Larry had to run in and get something (I think I know what it was, LOL, but you don't ask "Santa" questions) I sat outside and became fascinated with the form and texture of the church. After a few moments of observation and contemplation, I quickly sketched painted it. The light kept changing on me making it difficult to work with, but it was a totally satisfying interaction between me and the church. One of the few I have had in a long time I might add.

Off to get ready for bed. I need a good night's sleep. Patti


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