It is late and we got home from dinner and I had to spend some time trying to outfit my daughter for work tomorrow as she and Alanna are staying here so I can watch Alanna while she gets up at 5 and goes to work at her job in the local mall. She is a waif (a beautiful waif) and I am a bit heavier than she is, so it is always difficult to find clothes that both fit her and that she likes enough to wear in public. (22 vs 49) After 1/2 hour of tearing thru closets and drawers we managed to find both clothes and shoes. (she had her own pants. No way would mine ever fit her) It saved her a trip home and an hour. It was fun and she looked lovely. And, quality mother/daughter time, so important at this stage in our life.

I opened my email to find more spam. Sad to think that someone, on Thanksgiving, is still hitting the SEND button to spam millions. Everything from drugs, requests for money, mortgage deals, sex toys, blah blah blah was in my mailbox. Delete, delete, delete. The saving grace was that there were a few heartfelt emails from both internet and local friends sending me well-wishes and love.

I spent an afternoon with Larry's sister's family which is always wonderful. His brother in law is a GREAT cook, they live in a huge comfy and homey Victorian mansion, (a mansion compared to my small and simple house) and they and their kids are just wonderful loving human beings. I am blessed to have them in our lives. Oh, and the 2 aussies, we can't forget them! I am thankful for the love that I have in my life. It is a beautiful thing.

I got an email about my artwork asking if I sell on ebay. Somewhere to the right of my daily blog are links to both etsy and ebay. If you see something you like, just post a note on my blog with a way to contact me, or I will write back on the blog. Most everything I have is available in one form or another!

Tonites collage is a collage which I altered in Photoshop. One of my early pieces when all I knew how to do was use filters! I thought it sort of went with tonites theme.

I hope you all had a peaceful and glorious day. If you didn't, may tomorrow be better.

In peace and love, Patti


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