Das Perfume

I went to see Perfume in Rosendale, NY last evening, in a small town art deco theater. I had been longing to see the movie as I had read the book many years ago and found it to be one of the best reads for a historical/murder/mayhem story, very poetically written. Das Perfume is the German title, and since I came from German class tonight, I should give its title in the language in which it was written.

I do not want to tell the story. Some things are better left to be read; the visual nature of the movie made the subtle (or as the case may be not so subtle) horror of the tale too real. It was beautifully filmed; the setting is 17th century Paris. Dirt, festering smells, rotten teeth (oh God, one of my phobias),lust,sex and the sense of smell, all mixed up with murder - with a twist.

I am one who has a morbid fascination with the macabre, so I do have to say that I was entranced. The final orgy scene, (5,000 extras----CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT????!!!) was a bit superflorous for me. I would have written and directed that differently in keeping with the overall tone of the movie, but I was captivated and the entire movie was a visual treat.

It also gave me a renewed appreciation for the making of a truely WONDERFUL perfume. Being very sensitive to smell, I am very picky about my scent and the pureness and quality of the oils. I related to Grenoille as a young man, when he would lay down in the forest and smell the lichen, the leaves, the dirt, the mushroom. For only after sight, touch, smell (and in some instances-taste) can one truely absorb the essence of the world.

This is an oil study in color and light and air......... patti


Pretty Poisons said…
Oooh you must read my mad alchemist's friend's journal if you love reading about scent descriptions! http://ohtrueapothecary.blogspot.com

Re: the movie - I'm glad that I haven't seen it yet because the reviews haven't been all that great amongst the perfumistas...lol

Miz Bella

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