Monday Night Party

The day started off pretty dreary. Bad weekend left me shell shocked on a rainy monday morning. However, my students were surprisingly good, and made my transition into another world a smooth one. Maybe they had a bad weekend too, or were just plain partied out and my place was a safe place to survive on a rainy monday morning.

I showed the kids my valentine card which I posted on last night's blog. They thought it was pretty sick, and got a laugh out of it. My seniors are designing Valentine day cards as fundraisers, and we are having a blast doing them. I might have to take a few out as they might be a bit inappropriate for a high school setting, but I am still letting them explore their own creativity and humor. We have lines for boys giving boys valentines, girls to girls, girls to boys etc., and even a cow and a baby grace one. They made a card which I LOVE that addresses all those who don't have a valentine, those who are "just getting by". The seniors I have are so fun and a joy to share my room with.

After a meeting, I rushed to buy a bottle of wine, (Blackstone Cabinet Savignon), as K. was stopping by. She had cooked for Megan, bought presents for all of us...and gave me an infusion of great stories and had me giggling like some bad bad girl saying dirty words in Catholic school. What a pair we are, two middle aged but NOT MIDDLE OF THE ROAD women. The energy we emit is dangerous. We had a great time, and yet another friend of mine stopped by with a gift for me, (my friends brighten up my day when they show up and do that!) and we ended up having ourselves a little monday afternoon party. The tree was still up and I felt like I was squeezing another day out of Christmas. We ended up at Kyoto for dinner (one of the BEST sushi places in Ulster County) and I came home to Megan and baby stopping by, and am now sitting here, right before this very screen, with a big cat-that-ate-the-canary grin on my face.

So it looks like the survey is a go. I had a few responses of people who said they would LOVE to do a survey. And for those of you who want to keep reading MY stories, how about coughing up a few for me? So the survey is...what was your best AND worst kiss, and your best AND worst date. You KNOW that I will have something good for this, but I don't want to be the only one to put it out on the table.

And in reference to tonight's collaged card, is a bonus question: Do people REALLY ROLL AROUND IN THE HAY? I break out in hives.

g'nite, patti


Anonymous said…
You mean to say you've never rolled around in the hay before.

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