A Patch of Blue

The images that I make for this blog are inspired by the most random thoughts and experiences. The process of art and writing is so complex at times, but I am willing to let the process take me where it leads.

One of my friends commented on last night's artwork on my blog. He said it looked like a pastel painting, and loved the shape/texture of the trees. I hope that people interact with my art that I post, and I always enjoy feedback or commentary. As I was heading south to New Paltz to meet Rob for dinner tonight, I caught a glimpse of a sunset almost exactly like last night's digital image; the atmosphere, colors, and the soft black velvet texture of back lit trees. It was almost a shock, a deja-vu.

I became obsessed with the image, knew my blog title but not the content, and knew that tonight's art was going to be about blue. I don't have tons of time, so I have to set a time limit for both the art and the writing, otherwise the cat litter doesn't get scooped, I don't do the laundry and forget paying the bills...

The color blue has been haunting me ever since my trip to the river photographing the ice and sky. I sat and took a few moments to meditate on it, and as I closed my eyes I saw statues of the Virgin Mary and remembered that as a child I thought the blue in her dress was the most beautiful color I had ever seen. I saw the mint candies that my grandmother had in a bowl in her apartment in Brooklyn; the color of the Hudson River ice. I saw the blues of pool liners, of my favorite blue jeans, of sapphires, and all the variations of the blues of the sky from sunrise to sunset. Though blue is a cool color on the spectrum, it represents the presence of sunlight, of warmth, of love, of sweetness- it is for me, a comfort color.

The digital collage is a portion of one of my photos, and the figure is from an antique Bouguereau print. The piece fell together rather quickly and subconsciously....but I know it is me in the clouds of most beautiful blue surrounded by the angels in my life. Tonight I feel protected and at peace, and bask in my blue skies. That will be my meditation for tonight.....and my inspiration.



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