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It is late...about 10 PM and I just came in from New York. Last minute plans with a friend came together without a hitch in spite of freezing rain and an iced up car. NY was warmer, with only a misty rain falling early in the day. We went to my friend's doc appointment on the upper east side, and then headed off to Kate's Paperie, and the Metropolitan.

Of course, being a conneseur and lover of anything paper, I had one long sensual experience for an hour in that store. I had to control myself and stick to my focus, which was to buy things for the business. I did allow myself to indulge in a few goodies.

We walked to the Frick, but since it was a monday, and most of the museums are closed, we were out of luck. Off to the Metropolitan where we went to see the show Americans In Paris. We spent 2 hours at that show viewing the Cassats, the Sargents, Homers, Currans, etc. It was a great body of work which showed the progression of art from the traditional to the impressionist by Americans painting in Paris and the surrounding locales. We were finally kicked out of the place as they were closing early, so onto Grand Central to see what else we could do before we had to leave. We found a lovely lounge/restaurant that overlooks Grand Central that had martini specials, and sampled a few of those with a salad before embarking on the journey home via train.

It was a lovely time, full of fabulous conversation between two close friends, a true adventure with a few funny stories that I am not telling tonight. I was inspired by the most amazing paintings, and got to eat and drink around the city a bit. Oh, and of course, I went into a few shoe stores, but I restrained myself.

I love New York City. I don't know why I don't go more often as I come back renewed and my senses overflowing with the visions, sounds, smells.....and tastes. I was so uplifted by today and am going to buy a 10 trip tik from Metro North. I have a great vision....

Tonight's pictures are of some of my pieces, displays/works in progress in my studio. It is like a changing exhibit on a weekly basis, and I often set up images or paintings that call to me, so that I can absorb their being and color. I might have a number of pieces laying around just waiting for the right piece to finish it, or the right moment of inspiration to start it. Some pieces are like magic and they are completed in one sitting, though that is not the norm.

I am beat, have to teach tomorrow, and need to get a good night's sleep.

till tomorrow, patti zzzzzzzzzzz


Anonymous said…
I'm so jealous, I'd die for a trip to NY.
your friend
Judy V.

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