In the Bathroom

I woke up with a headache. My eyes hurt, they needed a cold cloth. Last night did not end so well, and I woke up with the fragments of it clinging to my brain. I stumbled downstairs, not getting enough sleep, but I could not lay in bed any longer. The phone rang, it was Richard asking for help returning the chairs. I grabbed my mug of coffee, and headed downtown. I actually enjoyed the physical labor first thing and the morning.

The remainder of the day was rather mundane as I arranged it to be that way. I started the Meganaid blog, talked to Jonathan about some reconstruction of the sight, and went out to the studio. I made some cards; not a highly productive day, but satisfying enough. The evening came, and I sent Larry off on his own to the opening; I could not deal with talking to a huge crowd of people again.

A perfect evening for some self indulgence and a hot bath. I lit a few aromatherapy candles, Rasa was drifting melodically down the hall into the bathroom. The lights were turned down low, a glass of wine parked by the side of the tub. I made a soak out of Epson salts and essentail oils. I mentioned before that Epson salts are so cheap and make a great soak combined with any combinations of oils such as wintergreen, peppermint, arnica, lavendar, vetiver, ylang ylang, fir needle, and I could go on...... I sank way into the hot top and then said DAMN, I forgot the camera! Got out, dried off, and ran to get it. (brrr)

During my teenage years the only place I got of peace and privacy was in the bathroom. Because we had a well and sometimes there were problems with it, baths were scare and a treasure. I could lock the door and noone would come in, sink down into the bath, and stare off into space at the faucets in the bathroom, and the the patterns in the tiles. I could see faces and monsters and all kinds of fantasy creature hidden in the plumbing and in the retro black and white tiles.

I have been meaning to explore the bath in my art for ages, so I sat in the tub and shot a bunch of photos. I have to get a new digital camera as mine is a dinosaur and something is leaving strange stripes on the prints. I am guessing it is the card that has a problem, and I am NOT spending money on a new card for the camera. It just isn't worth it. My 300.00 Olympus is way outdated and worth about 20.00 now. With all the work that I do, I need a new camera. I am not a photographer, but I digitally alter some of my shots in Photoshop and use them in my blog and as inspiration and ideas for paintings.

Doing this little project was fun, and as always, inspired me with other ideas. IF you look closely enough, there IS a face in the faucet.

I am in my warm jams, have grabbed some Jarlsberg and chocolate, and a bit of Grey Goose. I may snuggle up on my couch and pop in the English Patient and watch one of my favorite tragic love stories. It is poetic and stunningly filmed, and the people are lush and sensual to watch on film. Yummm.

May you all be warm and be taking care of yourselves on this cold northeast evening.



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