The Fortune Cookie

This weekend was one of some relaxation and fun, which I desperately needed. I started the weekend by meeting Annie at our favorite Chinese/Japanese digs for lunch. I took her out as I had missed her birthday. We dined leisurely, sipped on a little wine, and ate everything in sight right down to the fortune cookie. We always read our fortunes and get silly like teenage girls and sometimes play the game where you say "in bed" after a sentence---well, it works great with fortunes. It read "sweet memories are the paradise of the mind " (in bed?)

I smiled and thought about it for a moment, and realized how poignant it was. I have been having a really tough time at this point in my life where everything seems to be teetering on the edge; I sometimes skate on the borderline of negativity and despair. Sometimes I forget about the wealth of wonderful memories that I have to delve into and meditate upon, which would make me smile and give me strength. I put the fortune into my pocket and found myself taking it out a few times today, and thinking about it. I wrote it on my whiteboard as the quote of the week. Eventually some kid will see it and asks what it means.

I spent some quality time in the studio and had fun designing some of my Valentine Line. I have listed things on both Ebay and Etsy, and been selling privately, and made this funny little blank book. Instead for the little BLACK BOOK, it is a little BROWN BOOK. I thought it could be an anti-black book, a book where you put the list of people that you would NEVER call again or go out with. Then, you could shake them down for money to keep you from passing it all around town. The gift that keeps on giving....haha. It is collaged on a mini Moleskin book, blank pages, which a little pocket inside for receipts. Nice little chapbook. You could use it for other things, it is just that I am evil sometimes when I make these little art works. It is great therapy. I think I would burn up into a little crisp if I did not have art. Self ignite and poof......

Off to write some thank you cards to people who have donated money to Megan. She had chemo today, with more complications and xrays. What we have received so far paid off the debts she has been accruing since being diagnosed in October. Now we have to keep working hard to get her through another month or two. It is horrid that she will have to wait a year for any Veterans benefits (even tho it is retroactive) and be denied any social services because she gets too much in child support. (child courtesy of her Non Commissioned Officer!)Anyway, to keep the focus positive, we are brainstorming how Megan can stay home and be a mother to her 2 year old and heal instead of having to work all the time while throwing up and feeling wretched. Please feel free to circulate the website around. It really is making a difference in someone's life and she deserves to heal and be a mother for a little while after serving our country and now 80% disabled.....

Off my soap box. Sorry.

Sweet dreams to you all, and remember to pull out wonderful fun sexy silly memories out of the box now and then, indulge in a day dream and make them wonder why you have a shit-eating-grin on your face. Patti


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