The River of Life

Today I felt much better; the shift in hormones made a radical difference and I felt my normal self. Thought I was physically not in the greatest of shape, mentally I felt lighter and cheerful; what a relief! At times when I am not dealing with hormones or life's stresses, I am a pretty upbeat woman. I have my times, but I see joy and good in everything. I am in love with life and live it to its fullest each and every day. But when I feel badly, I should be shut away to make art as that is all I am good for.

I drove down to the Hudson, but this time with camera in hand. I stopped the car along the wall that is almost level with the river, and took a number of shots. It was cold and quiet save for the grunting and creaking of the ice on the river. It is not a heavily traveled road, and I was able to take in the sights and smells of the landscape in solitude.

I am so in love with the Hudson; the bridges, lighthouses, boats, ice, fish, the wind. I have sailed it a number of times, and swam in it despite its PCPs.

One of my funnier boating moments in history was the time I was navigating my friends old wooden boat. It was a warm spring day, and I spotted a familiar sail on the river. It was the sail of a guy I had started seeing, who had taken me out the day before in a nasty cold mist. As I neared the boat, I noticed that there was another woman on board. My scorpio nastiness took hold, and I gunned the engine and moved full steam ahead. I circled the little tiny sunfish several times and created a "slight" wake and waved, yelling to my friend. Ed, who owned the boat I was driving, was like "holy shit, what are you doing?"(remember that Ed?) I just grinned, then sped away. Weeks later when I approached the supposed "new man" he mumbled how the woman on board said "oh how friendly the people are on the Hudson" while he struggled not to capsize the sailboat. I grinned. HIS LOSS I thought.

After spending some time on the river, I was even more inspired to explore it this summer in photography and painting. Maybe I will even get as far north as Lake Tear of the Clouds, the Hudson's humble origins (and a very good desert wine...but I am not sure it is made anymore...) and travel as far south as NYC.

I am excited about being a wanderer on the Hudson, and can't wait for summer to pack up my car and head to where the waters lap the shore, where sturgeon roil in its waters. I will get lost in its solitude and the lull of the water in its constant movement anywhere nowhere somewhere...much like my life.
To the river of life, Patti


Judy V. said…
Burrr Patti,
The Hudson looks cold.
The temp is in the 40s the snow is melting. Did you get a new camera?
Anonymous said…
I remember. We could have been arrested for that one. ooh well...edhead

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