The New Year

That is a picture of my brain at work in the dark. Well, I guess if you could picture my brain working, it MIGHT look like that. It is always supercharged..and barely shuts down when I sleep. Even when I sleep I am figuring out problems, traveling, skiing, writing, and a whole host of other things that I won't even touch here.

The photo was taken by Larry last night of the light in the barn; there was also a disco ball, lava lamp, a fab sound system, and a great group of people whom I danced with into the early hours of the morning. This was the first time I have been able to dance and not be in pain since my ankle fracture, and it felt so great to be able to do something I love again. There is something so sensuous and grounding about dancing. Chris played music that I had never heard before, beats from northern India, some old Clash, and Talking Heads and other tunes from unknown regions. No matter the source, if you can surrender to it, you can dive deep down into the heat and heart of the music and become one.

We were invited to a few parties today, but I sent Larry off alone. I had had enough socialization last night, so I spent the day in my studio, making cards for my clients and for Ebay, getting ready for the Valentine holiday. Ok, I know, Christmas is barely over, but when you are in the retail business, you have to be ahead of the game. I love being in my studio, and listened to Loreena McKennitt and Shawn Colvin. Both new CDs are lovely. Loreena has haunting etherial ethnic beats, and I can get lost in her world. Shawn Colvin has a few really fabulous tunes on the favorite was Venetian Blue, a smooth cool sexy blues love song, and a tune called Even Here We Are. The most powerful and touching cut is is her haunting and smoky cover of U2's (Pride) In the Name of Love, very appropo for the upcoming holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr. I think I will have my students listen to both cuts, read the lyrics, and do some writing about the song and its meaning in relationship to pride, love, equity and the purpose of those that U2 write about..who believed in the equity of all men and women in a peaceful way.

I am going to take a long hot scented oil bath, and soak away my doubts and worries. Perhaps a glass of wine, or a cup of herb tea, sink down, close my eyes, and let the water sooth my soul. dance like no one is watching..and if you fall, stop drinking.



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