A Romance Survey

The last survey I posted a link to, here on my blog, was useless. A bunch of people took it and emailed me with their results. What a joke. We were ALL serial daters, and Romantically Challenged. That made me feel better I have to say as I was at a loss as to why I had gotten those results and I wondered if the "survey creator" was trying to tell us something. Are we really meant to not be monogamous, and our life is just a string of serial dates and romances? (At times I too ponder the same question) Very few of us ever met and married our first love and lived happily ever after, and, as a result, have some really great stories to tell.

As I lay in bed this morning, I thought, why not survey my readers about THEIR romantic memories and stories, whether tragic, funny, or deliriously happy. I will keep it anonymous for those who wish to remain so.

Valentines day is coming, a day which is sad and empty for many (oh how many did I spend alone, hoping that some secret admirer would send me flowers, or even a card??)though to be fair, there are many people made happy on this day too. What better way to celebrate the season of love but through a series of bedtime stories. The first installment will be titled...KISS AND TELL. I have ideas about "other" stories, but I will have to be careful writing those up......we don't want to offend anyone here nor do I want my moral (or immoral?) character judged by those who control some of the puppet strings of my life. You can respond by going to my profile page where there is a link to my email address. I have a decent readership of steady readers, so we could have a great series of stories. If I don't get a response from you folks, I have plenty of people whom I am sure would LOVE to partake in such a fun project. Though I love writing about my life, I would like to make some of this blog more universal and interactive and hear about yours. SO, WHAT DO YOU THINK? Email me for information on the first round of surveys.

With all of this talk about romance and love found and love lost, I ponder how we survive it all. The affairs of the heart are a powerful entity. When you are sick with a migrane, you can describe its symptoms, take a specific pill to ease your pain. Worst case scenario, it is gone in a few days. However, the affairs of the heart are such an intense overwhelming physical and emotional condition with such varied symptoms and for those painful losses, time is the only cure. Of course if you are in love and can sustain it, there is nothing more magical and wonderful in the world. AH, if we could only invent a pill that we could pop to fall in love, feel love, be loved,stimulate love and passion, and have one for an antidote to heartache, rejection, and loss. But perhaps that would take all the excitement, fun, joy, and learning away from the experience in the quest for love......

Speaking of pills, I need to find one to cure my headache, and I have already had a few cups of ginger tea for my sore throat. My defenses are down these days, and being surrounded by sick kids and family is not helping. I am hoping that the Patron will help me sleep tonight; it has been a long time since I have gone into a deep enough sleep to dream...of love, of romance, of magic.

Sweet dreams...Patti


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