Tuesday Afternoon II

I just posted to meganaid blog about the meaning that "Tuesday Afternoon" now takes for me; it is very intense as it is the day Megan has chemo. I wrote about it there, as here I want to focus on joy and light; the love of friends, the innocence of children, the preparation of a meal and snuggling in bed with Alanna. Such experiences are the necktar that sweetens my lips and gives me strength and hope.

It is snowing out. Not much, but enough to wreck havoc on the roads. I hope we have a delay tomrorow morning. How delightful would that be; surely we are due one. I won't get overzealous as I have lost a few snowday gambles that left me very tired and cranky the next day. However, I have poured a glass of wine, and cut a piece of cheesecake that Megan insisted I take home. I might put on a movie or find my book, wherever it is buried.

Tonight's artwork is a photograph I took yesterday on a farm. It had wires running through the sky which was fixed in photoshop. A few other filters and alterations gave me the final product, which is much compressed for the internet and many of its subtleties lost. I have used some of these digital pieces as inspiration for paintings, much like Thomas Cole or Frederick Church would do a small study. How it translates into a painting is often an interesting journey. It is the only artwork I was able to accomplish tonight, but always gratifying to engage in the art process, any art process.

Off to climb under the down comforter, and sink down into my soft bed. I will wrap the thoughts of love and friendship around me and think of the good which I encountered today.

This was sent to me earlier........ "You gain strength, experience, and confidence by every experience where you really stop to look fear in the face... You must do the thing you cannot do." ~Eleanor Roosevelt. Goodnight xxx patti


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