The Beauty of the Fall

With the advent of less light, it has been easy to find fault with the arrival of fall. Shorter and cooler days, cold nights, the end of outdoor swimming. The impending cold. (I don't mind ice and snow, it is the sub zero temperatures which I object to.)

I have failed however, up until the past few days, to appreciate the beauty of the autumn.

My morning rides have gifted me with the most stunning visions -- visions which set the scenario for my day. When I feel myself slipping into shadow, I revisit my morning ride, envisioning the creek with its nebulous mist rising above, weaving in and out of the sleepy boats tucked in along the docks.

My ride over an the old Broadway bridge winds through a cut into a large hill, and around the bend the sun shoots beams that bounce off the brightly colored trees and the water dripping from the black rocks glistens like diamonds.

The air, though cool in the morning, warms to gently embrace us in a silk blanket of perfection.

I am learning how to live in the moment. Such mornings have been kind reminders of the state that I want to achieve-- experiencing, love, beauty, spirit, and the joy of the art of living in the now.



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