A Different World

I spent today going back and forth a few times between Kentucky and Tennessee, on a military base. Megan's husband, my SON-IN-LAW (oh my God, it is so strange to say that) is stationed at Fort Campbell which straddles the border of both states.

We shopped at the commissary, went to the liquor store, and toured the base.

Now I have to say it is a very strange world for a woman who is often called a hippie, though I am far too young to be one, nor would I call myself one. I am just a northern liberal artist, who still can't understand how her two children went military. It is a strange world for me, one that I just can't fathom.

Dole let me try on his 45 lb. vest, which is what Megan wore for over a year in Iraq. No wonder her back is destroyed. I was able to lift it and put it on without a problem, but after 10 minutes my shoulders and neck ached. I tried to imagine what it would be like to wear it in battle, or even walk around, in 100+ degree weather.

Dole is being deployed to Afghanistan after the New Year. His term is 15-18 months. I don't know how Megan is going to take that, and I can't fathom what being deployed there will be like. Images from the book The Kite Runner flashed through my head, and suddenly I am immensely grateful that I am a free woman, and for all that I have.

Tomorrow I head back to New York, back to my husband, back to my "other life". I muse at how interesting it is that once again I am thrown into the winds of war and the lives of soldiers, and pray for understanding, wisdom, and peace in the world.

I will miss my little family here, and look forward to my return. Tonight's photo is of Alanna, who insisted on wearing her new sweater that I bought her, complete with hood. She is an angel.

In peace, patti


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