Girls on Film

Remember The Duran Duran song Girls On Film. I put a link on to a video that I found of it..but if you have little children around, or don't like cheesecake eroticism or nudity, don't watch it!

I spent the morning in my studio for a bit, then wandered around the farmer's market. The day was beautiful and hot, and once the sun was full strength the humidity and temperature started to rise, and that is when I left and headed to Karen's for the last swim of the season.

The pool was a brilliant blue, and the sun strong. Girls in the pool, girls drinking champagne, the dog hanging with the girls, and photos, lots of photos; girls on film. Fun fun afternoon.

I am heading out to a party for a friend. I am debating about do I wear black, or white? I got a lovely glow from the warm sun today which looks soooo nice against white, but isn't it a fashion faux pas to wear white after September 1st? But that was a fashion rule made way before global

Off to decide, Patti


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