Changing Viewpoints

One of my readers commented (happens to be a friend that I see) that when they don't see a post on a Friday night, they know I went out.

Correcto mundo! By Friday I am so burnt out from working all week, some days from 8 am to 8 pm without much of a break, that on Fridays I treat myself by going out after work, to either shop or have drinks with my co-workers, come home to meet Larry, and then we go out for a bite to eat.

By the time we get home, I have no energy to blog.

I was pretty stressed the past two days as I had to deal with things from my past. My Friday afternoon started with my sitting outside of the Child Support Agency yesterday trying to calm myself before going in, while various scenarios were playing in my head.

I had spent too many times in my life in Family court in my custody battle, then my child support battle, then over various things with my children, and in Social Services for my mother when she had a brain aneurysm and was disabled for life. They have not been pleasant events, and as I sat outside I was having a flashback to all the conflict and pain.

BUT as I sat there in negativity, I realized that I did not want to go in there with that attitude. I wanted to think positively and feel like it all will be fine. So I took a deep breath, and walked in.

The first thing the police officer did was take my keys. No wonder, it had a little pen knife on it. I could stab one of the workers in a fit of rage. I laughed and said no problem, and proceeded to the Child Support Office.

I had the most wonderful case worker, who promised that she would fix all the problems, assured me that my ex had been flagged (as after 3 years he finally got a job on the books) and that I am owed 38,000 and could take him back to court for all the medical etc. that he owed me. (another 10-20,000??!!) I said why? The only thing that will accomplish is that he will sit in a jail cell for a bit, and go back to his same way of life. I believe in karma, and it will come back to him some day.

I left there a bit lighter in heart, less stressed, and actually believing that I will start to get some support. The money will help with my trips to see my daughter in Tennessee, maybe pay off some of the wedding debt for her that I incurred, and save a bit to spend ON MYSELF. After all, I raised my children for 19 years with only sporadic support.

With any luck I will get a check by the end of the month to pay for my flight to see Megan and Alanna. When I made the reservation I envisioned something coming thru to finance it. And, with any luck, it will.

Here is to changing viewpoints and trusting the universe! It is working!

Photo is of the Free Bird Farm booth at the Kingston Farmer's market which runs to Thanksgiving this year. He as wonderful produce, and fresh farm eggs!!! Locals, check him out!!!


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