You Know You're in Nashville When.......

You know you're in Nashville when you go to the airport and there is a stage complete with seating, and a sugar faced young man named Shelby Merchant crooning country songs.

Alanna has always been fascinated with music, so we sat and listened for a while as we had arrived in plenty of time to spend a few more moments together before I had to jet out. After a few songs, one being a lovely rendition of John Mayer's Daughter's, I took Alanna over to the stage and asked him if I could take his picture.

Well, if that sweet young man didn't ask Alanna to come up on stage with him, and give her the microphone so that I could get a photo of the both of them. I smiled, knowing that this had made our day. Megan sat in the background smiling, Alanna was most decidedly mesmerized by the entire experience, and I knew he was my blog for tonight. Thanks Shelby, for making a moment special in all of our lives. I didn't have much time to explore Nashville this time around, and look forward to when I come back.

So head on over to Shelby's site, at to listen to his music, check out his myspace, his website etc.

I am writing this from home in the great state of New York. It was a beautiful day for flying, hardly a cloud in the sky. I watched intently as we flew over the Shawangunk Ridge, and I saw Mohonk from the air. The sun was low in the sky and it gleamed off the mighty Hudson River. I took photos, but my window was really dirty so I am not sure how the photos will come out. If I must, I will abstract them in photoshop and they will be documentation of some sort for my art. Another series...From Heaven. If I have energy I will post a few on my Catskillpaper site.

I am tired and a bit sad from having to go. We cried in the airport when we had to kiss goodbye, and my heart ached that I am not closer. But Megan and Alanna are heading north for the Christmas Holiday, and we are going to make it one hell of a great time.

Off to have the food and wine that Larry had waiting for me in the kitchen, complete with an illustrated note (bats of course) and gerbera daisies. :)



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