What I Don't Remember About the 80's

Things have been low key here in Tennessee. A trip to the mall, lunch at the Olive Garden. A mid afternoon nap for all of us as we hardly slept last night. Then later, we had dinner at Megan's with Andrea and Alyssa, who are Alanna's father's wife and daughter.

Now I know some of you out there might think it a bit strange, but we are indeed the epitome of a "modern family", where in spite of unusual circumstances and events, friendships are forged and families bond together to raise children.

Andrea bought a few games to play, one of them being the 80's edition of Trivial Pursuit.

Wow. What I learned from three hours about myself while playing this challenging game was that I don't remember much about the 80's! I don't know if it is the brain cells that I killed in the 70's and early 80's, the birth and raising of two children mostly on my own,(I am convinced it is not the placenta that you deliver after the baby-rather it is part of your brain..), peri-menopause, or the horrible traumas from the marriage and subsequent divorce from my husband that has blocked most of my memories. I failed miserably on the TV questions, sucked on most of the political queries, and was only weakly good on the music (Alyssa, who is 11, was a music whiz---she was amazing!) And sports, why can't they make a trivia game without that category on it. I was proud however about earning a chip by answering a question about Idi Amin.

I am rather depressed. I was outsmarted by all in the room. I had better brush up on my trivia, and see if there are any games online to help me prep for my next trivia game at the Skytop!!! I don't want to go back to those high school days where no one wanted me on their sports team, and I was the last to be picked!

Off to get some sleep. Perhaps it was the toxins built up in my brain from lack of sleep, but somehow I doubt it. I will go to sleep dreaming of White Snake, Kiss and Phil Collins questions, of game show hosts and TV series that I never heard of.

Do they make Trivia tapes that you can listen to while you are sleeping?



inventivesoul said…
"Do they make Trivia tapes that you can listen to while you are sleeping?"
If they do, that would be AWESOME!!!

I loved that game when I was younger!


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