Bats in my Belfry

Isn't this a great print that I found in my attic while cleaning some of my piles? I have a blissful collection of paper for the artist, print collector etc. To many it would be to die for. I have enough to work with for the rest of my life.

When I googled the phase "bats in the belfry" I got some fun information.
The phrase means "crazy, eccentric". It was also the title of the first episode of the 2004 Batman's first season show. It is the title of a Goth Radio site on myspace, an Ottawa design studio, a band. I am sure there is much more; that was only the first Google page that I looked at.

I take pride in being crazy and eccentric, in fact, I AM PROUD OF IT. I can't be all that weird, or else all my friend are just as weird, and then it doesn't matter anyway.

I am off to bed as I am pretty tired from working all day and working in my studio. Check out the wedding cards I designed-I am posting them on my Catskillpaper blog.

Batty Patti


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