Kate Bush Story

A friend of mine passed me a link to a bootleg song of Kate Bush, and I was just about to post it here, and then realized perhaps it was not meant for me to pass along. So, until he OKs it, I will only tease you with the possible promise of hearing it. Otherwise you will have to get your Kate Bush fix on You Tube, which has a nice collection of her music.

When I hear Kate Bush, I am taken back to a time after I left my horrible first husband. R (as I shall call him) was a friend of my sisters; he was handsome, mysterious - a "sensitive" guy. I was head over heals for him....and he was head over heels for Kate Bush.

To this day I can still smell him in his black leather coming into my house after his second shift, the leather crackling every so slightly as he bent over to kiss his Sleeping Beauty who was deep into her dreams.

It was doomed from the start. I don't think he was ready for my ready made family, of two toddlers, and I was too broken to be of any use as a girlfriend. But he loved Kate Bush, he wore black leather, and danced underneath the full moon, and when I think back on that time, I get a silly grin, and I am sure some wonder "what's she thinking about?!"

To black leather, Kate Bush, and dancing under the stars.

(blogger is having photo probs tonite..I do have a photo of a deep dark Catskill evening with starts...photoshop drawing, and will post when it allows me!)


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