Love those Cowboy Boots

I have owned many pairs of cowboy boots over the course of my life. There was a long hiatus where they walked out of my closet into someone Else's, but the last two years they have made a resurgence in my wardrobe.

I have always been a shoe and a boot girl. In the boot department I had CFM boots, rugged work boots, hiking boots, Uggs, cowboy boots. Each boot served a particular purpose, or went with a particular "look". But after I severely broke my ankle, I was very limited in what I could wear. Two years later I still can't wear certain foot gear, and I have been sadly giving some of my collection away.

One style of boot I could wear was a black leather and snakeskin pair of cowboy boots that I bought gently used from a good friend. As a bonus she threw in a few more pairs. Dark brown, light brown. They were wide in the ankle, (where my leg still swells!) and I can tolerate the heel, though I think that someone needs to design a pair that has a nice soft thick insole as the leather bottoms can be pretty hard.

When I arrived in Nashville I had on my infamous Tony Loma black cowboy boots, a pair of jeans that I bought in New Orleans in the French Quarter the spring before Katrina, a rose colored light cotton v-neck sweater, my pearls, a smart double breasted black sweater. Comfort clothes that can be worn just about anywhere. I commented to Megan about my whether woman down here wore cowboy boots, and she rolled her eyes and said "mom, this IS Tennessee".

While we were unpacking Megan's household items which had finally arrived from New York, Megan sadly pulled out her BCBG Cowboy boots. They hurt her she said, and they were too small. Did I want them? I greedily grabbed them, slipped them on, and they were PERFECT.

I do love that cowboy boot and boot cut jean look, and don't even know OR care if it is in style. Thinking I need to find a green or red pair though.....for when I want to make a statement!!!

Keep posted for Halloween pics. I don't have them together yet, but as promised, I will post them soon.......

Photo-polariod that Larry shot. Found it on the mantle! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!


megan said…
well I know they found a good home mommy, I am going to go online and see if I can find a pair in 8

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