Off to Tennessee!!!!

I am sitting in the Atlanta Airport for a two hour layover. I saved my battery just so that I could spend some time online for a while, but I can’t connect to the WI FI here for some reason. Keep losing the signal, and the airport has a “charge” for using their connection. The free public WiFi isn’t working and I don’t see any potential friendly geeks sitting nearby me that I could ask.

The first part of the journey has gone well. Perfect timing to the airport, no delays thus far. There were some extra seats on the plane, so the large man next to me got up and moved. He said he regreted losing the potential excellent conversation that we may have had together, but he was afraid that he might squish me. He wasn’t that large, but who was I to argue about gaining more room and some quiet time to myself.

I picked up a new magazine in the airport shop-a magazine for women over 40. I figured why read the magazines for women who have pencil thin bodies who wear fashions that I can’t either wear, fit into, or afford. It was interesting, and I got myself a bottle of some decent red wine on the plane and read about women and their investments, about mid life career changes and I still have half a magazine left. I will save that for when the low battery signal comes on.

I watched a beautiful sunset, and took a few photos with my camera until the light got so dim that I only got blur. As we landed in Atlanta, I looked out the window and thought how beautiful all the lights were from the air, bedecking the earth with their Cartier-like jewel shimmers.

I can’t wait till I see my girls. I come bearing gifts for all. In fact, I hardly have anything in my suitcase because it is full of Megan’s wedding photos, coffee syrup, Halloween goodies, and an Edward Gorey decoration for their house. I will just have to use Megan’s things while I am there. Funny how things come around full circle, and I will be living off her for a few days!!!!

So, when I get a chance, I will upload this and one of the photos. Ciao for now!



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