Deep Fried wishin' I were Ossified

I am burnt. Toast. Crisped. Not from partying or living the high life, but from a very rough day at work, dealing with some very intense issues at school. I was angry, frustrated, upset. I can't talk about it here, but let me assure you, my job, though rewarding, can be very intense, as I work with street kids, gang kids, troubled kids, emotional kids, all day long.

I love them. Yet I don't know what I was more angry about, the behavior of the students, or the way it was handled by the school. I REALLY want to go on a rant here, but being a professional, I won't.

Enough said.

I am packing so I can leave after school. I am not feeling well, I think stress may have invited the beginning of some illness. But I am going to swap with Zicam and drink more ginger tea, have a nip of vodka, and snuggle down deep into my soft mattress and down comforter and watch another episode about Ancient Egypt. FYI, it is called "Egypt-Rediscovering A Lost World", produced by the BBC. EXCELLENT narration and acting.

Tomorrow I will be checking in, probably from Atlanta. Or, maybe on the plane to Nashville. Off to more adventures, much like Stuart Little.

Patti O Flyer


Anonymous said…
Safe Travels, hugs and kisses for all.


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