Die Schwarze Katze

I can't blog tonight as I have been incredibly busy, and am getting my last minute costume together.

It is simple. Ears, makeup, black t-shirt, black leather pants, high boots. Classic Cat Woman. At almost 50, I am indeed a classic.

The kids in school will love it; I am not sure about the staff, but because I am an art teacher, I can often get away with more than others. Many expect it of me because I am one of those artsy freak types. The students have already figured it out, and I suspect my co-workers too, but it's all good, and I don't care what anyone thinks for that matter. Another advantage of being a classic.

Photo tonight is courtesty Larry. Self portrait of him, Shiva, and fellow freak who stops by once a year.



Judy V. said…
Getting your freak on at (almost) 50 aint it great!
Happy Halloween!
Judy V.
Anonymous said…
That is one freaky looking skeleton. I don't think I could have that in my house. Kudos to Larry for the self-portrait, though, and kudos to you for your costume. Pictures please!!!

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