Girl's Gotta Have Kits

I spent girl time with Karen this afternoon. She called me at work, and told me to get in my my car and go home, where she would meet me for a walk. I have been burying myself too much in work these keeps me from thinking about my life.

We met and transformed ourselves from professionals to muscle girls in our walking gear, which was minimal on an 80+ degree day.

Our 2+ miles of some good hills consisted of fabulous confessions and conversation. We love each other unconditionally; perhaps it is the closest I have ever come to unconditional love. We have a very close and unusual bond...and I love her dearly. We can be seen hugging one another, nearly oblivious to who may be watching and thinking "what is up with those two women?

At one point I was talking about all the "kits" I carry in my car; and I laughed and said, you have inspired my blog Karen!

At any given time if you look the rear of my 2002 Honda CRV, you will see a bag full of bags (I refuse to add to the landfills and recycle paper/plastic bags as well as carrying two market bags to stuff them into) my swimming kit with a few towels and one of three bikinis (yes, at 49 I still wear a bikini if I have to wear a suit) , my workout kit with socks, and sneakers that my daughter wore when she ran in the desert in Iraq; my painting kit - filled with a variety of art supplies, and my "refresher" kit with a hairbrush, contact case, extra glasses and whatever-else-happens-to-make-it-in-the-bag-for-an-occasion.

I try and be a minimalist who is also ready for almost any adventure...sort of like a super heroine who enters the phone booth a teacher and comes out ready to take just about any part in the play of life.

My kits will change soon. If I can ski this year, I will be carrying all my ski gear, sans skis, and carry a "breakdown" kit for the lurking cold weather. The bikinis will be replaced by silk long johns and wool, and rather than bemoaning it, I will try and look at it as merely a shift in materials and temperature.

So girls and guys, DON YOUR KITS in life, and strap yourself in for a marvelous RIDE!


PS I wanted to post a photo of Karen on the blog, but the only one I could find was of her in HER bikini, and I knew she would kill So this friday night, I am sans photo........


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