Global Warming in the Hudson Valley

I asked Larry to co-author this with me, but he is stumped (he does not like that term, but since he has not given me a better descriptor, stumped it is) and is more interested in sipping on his port, leftover from the infamous Glugg which he made almost a year ago, for the holidays.

He is taking this all too literally. He feels he cannot contribute to my blog because he does not have the facts to back the subject at hand. What he does not realize, after 13 years of living with me, is that I talk in metaphors, double entendres, and sarcasm. (I am reading this to him and he is royally laughing --methinks the port has gotten to his brain).

What I intended to talk about was that I spent the last few days enjoying this autumn. My back porch has been opened again, a place to sip on whatever refreshment suits you, I am still picking tomatoes. I have STILL not felt the need to make pesto out of my basil and parsley, and went to a party this afternoon in Tivoli (near Bard College) wearing a light shirt.

The leaves were falling down upon me while I broke out in a light sweat from time to time. Global warming vs. perimenopause. Same difference. Maybe the new term for the 21st century should be periwarmopause?

I joke about the wonders of this fall being attributed to global warming. I have not done my homework to compare this fall to others in the history of keeping track of weather in the northeast. But I can't remember swimming in early October, and still hanging out in the sun soaking in its heat this late in the season.

I love it. I hope this winter is only 3, not 6 months. But I do wonder, is this global warming, and if it is, what does it mean for generations to come. My guess is, you had better get out your glasses and sip on some port, cause honey, it ain't' good.

PS blogger having probs with photo uploading, so no photo tonight!!!


Anonymous said…
I just cannot believe that I am SWEATING in my sleep from the heat.
Usually I am bundling up in Oct.
It gets windy and cold. It has been so mild and warm here!

Cisco loves it even more!
(P.R. native)

Lets hope it is just a cycle of earth.

Amber D.

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