Cattle Management and Records in the City

I had a some good chuckles today reading the comments from last night's blog that made me feel so totally OK that I am not the only one who does silly cow things, like talk and moo to them, wave hay around to tempt them, and then take photos of their silly faces. (while protected from them by major fences) (oh, and a PS, have any of my readers encountered any violent incidents involving cows???)

And even sillier is that Google ads are having a FIELD DAY posting ads relative to my blog....about managing my cattle, keeping records of their breeding, stud fees, sales, etc. I guess it is better than the ads they were putting in for single older men, though I don't see much of a difference.

One of the things I LOVE about the city I live in, is that it is a city where you can find cows 7 minutes away, and have deer and bear amble through your backyard like they own it. This summer a hawk set up camp near out house and I could hear its piercing screes several times a day.

Come to think of it, I have seen skunk, fox, opossum, and rabbits, and just about the ONLY animal I have NOT seen is a porcupine, which we grew up learning to shoot before they chewed up our car tires, hoses, and house siding (and believe me, I have seen the most amazing wreckage done by porcupines and raccoons...tore up entire cabins!!!!)

Secret fact about me---I used to compete in turkey shoots as a teen. OK, the grown ups got the turkeys, and we got chickens. The only person who beat me was my own brother. That made the country kids want to beat up us Long Island imports even more than ever. I was a mean shot.

Someday I will have to tell a few of stories how I got in several fights with some of the country folk's kids in order to be respected and left alone. I always came out the winner.

On that note, I am heading up to bed to learn some more about Ancient Egypt. I am having a hell of a good time on the journey.

photos are a closeup of the cows checking me out. They never seen red hair like that on a cow before.


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