Fall Fall Fall such is the Season

I don’t deal well with the fading light and warmth of summer as it surreptitiously slips out the back door to make way for the barrenness of winter.

I miss the light and the heat and the time that I had to myself to paint
and enjoy nature in the most minimal of clothing.

I miss the cleansing power of water, whether pool or pond, which leaves me refreshed and renewed, a daily baptism of sorts.

As I gaze outside to my garden each morning with coffee in hand in near dark, I see a few morning glories open, struggling with each cool morning to produce just one more flower for me. The tomatoes have come to a near halt.--they know soon the first frost will make them fertilizer for the next season.

The sunflowers are bent over in sadness, their seeds neatly plucked out by the goldfinches, with the leftovers snatched by the titmice and squirrels.

I still go barelegged to work in my dresses and skirts, but soon I know that I will become pale again, and I will cover my body in many layers to protect me from the cold fingers of winter.

The fall is a mixed blessing with its gifts of warm days mixed in with mornings of near frost, its beautiful colors gracing us before gray sets in.

I think about how I will have to heat up my studio before I can work in it, and how I have to have two shovels-- one by the back door, and one by the studio, so I can shovel my way back and forth in the storms.

Yet I know that I will keep my heart warm with the love of friends and family, and the fire in the hearth will welcome me to lie besides it. I will read, make art, see movies, and settle in and hibernate, till the crocus’ poke through the snow.

Then it starts all over, this cycle of life, and I am glad that I have been graced to watch it one more time.


A wood pile...waiting to get stacked, and a song for you from a blogger friend in Poland ...Nick Cave and PJ Harvey. Fabulous to watch, fabulous to hear.


Anonymous said…
Phill just burned me the new PJ Harvey CD and I rushed out of the house without it :( I wonder if that song is on it. We will keep each other warm, with walks in freshly fallen snow. love KiSS
Mat said…
next link for friend from Poland :)

Mat said…
Mat said…

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