A month ago or so I signed up for Ad Sense by Google. I let Google run appropriate ads that relate to the content of my blogs. If people click through I get a few cents. So far that is all that I have earned, a few cents.

For a while there seemed to be some interesting ads. I even looked at a few and one of them, the one for painting on the Hudson River, I will look into further. They offered the most amazing painting seminar this past summer, free of charge. I don't know if they will run the program again, and it was acceptance by portfolio, but , but if I don't try, then I will NEVER have a chance at something like this. I emailed them and asked to be put on their mailing list. It looks rigorous and intense, but I think it would be a fabulous experience, learning the Pre-Impressionist techniques of the Hudson River painters such as Thomas Cole and Frederick Church.

In addition there have been ads for making money blogging, an ad for a farmer's blog, one for all kinds of swim gear. Most of them were connected in some way to the blogs I was writing.

But lately I have noticed some strange ads. Tonight's was for "OLDER MAN LOVE: 1,000's of pictures of single older men." WHAT?! The other night was for relationships in trouble. One for "Inside Your Boyfriend's Mind". Then there was one for some religious thing.

Has Google invented a program that tries to read between the lines? What is this? Is the universe trying to tell me something? Where are they getting this crap? Is someone playing a joke on me?

I will watch the ads for a few more weeks, and see where this is heading. I am getting a chuckle for now, but if it continues, I think I will have to drop it as I don't think I have any control over what they put on.

I will monitor the art blog. So far the ads have been appropriate there. I mean, I don't want people to get the wrong impression! If need be I will run my own ads for what I think is wonderful, and who cares if I make any money.....

I wonder...after posting this blog, what kind of ad will pop up next???!!!!

Musing in Ad Land, Patti

PS another great video--this one by Natacha Atlas sent to me from Mat in Poland. The singer is beautiful, as is the song, and the meaning. Enjoy some world music! Ciao!


Judy V. said…
oooo I love that music thanks for passing it on. How can I sign up for Ad Sense?
Mat said…
music from Poland :)






Mat said…
stupid Google, two links works only :(

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