Not Answering the Phone

It is Sunday night, after 8:30. I have just come home from a lovely dinner at a friend's house, after a long but productive day of work.

It is uncanny how the phone does not ring all day, but when you come home and it is evening and you are tired and cranky and just want to be left alone, the phone starts to ring. People figure that I have to get up early in the morning, and that I will be home. Well, that is half right, the only part they don't know is that I have work to finish, and things to get ready for my week.

It has taken me many years to go to be able to do this, but I don't answer the phone. I have an answering machine if someone really needs me, then I will call them back. I never ignore an important phone call. I just decide when I want to take or make calls. It helps me keep my sanity.

I don't even have time to blog tonight; I have a 9 hour PBS series on Ancient Egypt to watch. I think I will focus on the discovery of the Rosetta stone, and "secrets" about Hieroglyphics. I make notes while I watch the videos, so that I have a work sheet to keep the students on task. I hope it is fairly interesting as I hate boring documentaries. I also bought a REALLY GOOD book on mummies at Barnes and Nobles. I like to have a decent library of books in my room about the cultures we are studying for my students to look at.

SO off I go to learn more about mummies and writing, and I am rather excited believe it or not. It will be quiet time and I will get to be taught.


Photo of the Catskills from a back road in Rhinecliff/Rhinebeck.


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