A Warm Glow

I just got home from a 12 hour work day. I have had a strange headache, and at one point an earache and was dizzy. Perhaps it was from twirling around in school, showing my friend how wonderfully my embroidered silk skirt flowed when I danced in a circle. How silly I must have looked. But how fun it was!

I was disappointed that I did not swim during my brief break as it was quite warm out, (80+ degrees here in the mountains of New York!!) but I knew that the trip to the lake would only stress me out as I had limited time, and was not feeling all that well.

When I left work it was dark, and the night air was swampy, damp, and fabulously seductively warm for October. If it would only keep on like this---I might survive the depression that the fading sunlight offers me.

Upon walking in the door Larry handed me a short nip of ice cold vodka with fresh squeezed lemon, the perfect end to a long day. As I sipped my drink in the darkness, I was drawn to the warm red orange glow of the mantle. I love my new Edward Gorey cardboard figures, the little orange lights and other interesting decorative items that adorn my fireplace. With the last blast of energy I made this photo, and type out a few descriptive words.

It was a long but good day. I met many of my student's parents and was thrilled to be able to tell them how much I love their children (OK, most of them). To see parents happy that their children have found a school that gives them a second chance makes all the hard work worthwhile. I made some portraits - kids LOVE to have their pictures taken, and I will go to sleep knowing I have bought joy to some of their lives.

May you all go to bed feeling the warm glow of love. fulfillment, and peace.



annie kelleher said…
sleep sweet!
Mat said…
very sweet! :)

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