Last Day

It is near midnight and I am exhausted, still have to pack, and then get some sleep. I am not too worried as if I am tired enough, I will sleep on the plane-I hope.

It was a full day. A leisurly morning where I worked with Bardet on her computer. I never think of myself as a computer wiz..but I guess it is all relative and I know a lot more than I perceive myself to know.

We did a bit of browsing in Sausalito, then took the ferry to San Francisco, where we browsed the Ferry building, had the MOST incredible meal in a restaurant which was tre chic, and then took the trolly/electric train up to 4th street or so to shop. Anthropologie, Forever 21, and other shops. It was fun, and the day was perfecto. We came back, and then headed back to Mill Valley for a late evening massage. How much better does it get.

I have had some intense thoughts, discoveries, and changes that need to happen in my life, but I will save that for another evening.

I have had a wonderful time and feel at peace, and hope that I can bring that peace back home with me.

Tonight's pic is the sunset last night at the Marin Headlands, without a flash (last night's was with flash)

Sweet dreams, and until tomorrow, Patti


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