The Headlands.........

Bardet and I discovered a new past time: to drive down to the Rodeo Beach parking lot, where we sit and watch the sun set over the Marin Headlands, and watch the surfers strip off their tight black skins, dry themselves off and slowly put on their clothes.

We just sat there, mesmerized by glowing streaks, changing colors, and hard lithe bodies nearly naked in the dark. We romanticized it all of course, not paying to the attention to the fact they were blowing their noses into their hands, the gravel, their towels, spitting all over the place and probably doing other things that would absolutely disgust us.

But watching v-e-r-y athletic 25-35 year old men strip is novel, and they seemed to be clueless to the show they were putting on and the audience they had.

We had a mellow day, tripping through the small towns of San Anselmo, San Rafael, and driving down Shady Lane in Larkspur checking out the million dollar plus homes. We went to the Marin Headlands, where I sketched and photographed, and after Rodeo Beach we headed home.

On the way back the air appeared to be misty and smoky. I thought it was smog, Bardet became suspicious and said fire. Turns out we could not get back to the apartment because one of the houses, about 100 feet from our deck, was in flames. The firemen are still out there chopping down the deck, the walls, checking to make sure that there are no hot spots. The couple who were renting the house are on their honeymoon……the entire rear of the house is burnt, and whatever is left is wet and smoke damaged. Thankfully the wind was not strong like it was yesterday, as all the houses are very close together, and many are made of wood.

BUT all’s well that ends well, just another day in the life of adventure.

Tonight’s photos: 1 of 2 versions of the sunset over the Headlands, this one done with a flash. Another evening I will put on the other one that was not flashed. Neither one of these photos have been touched up in Photoshop..if anything it was very minimal. Straight from the camera. There are times that I really want my 35 mm camera with the great lens. I might have to get my Nikon fixed and carry that along with me. The other photo is of the 5-minute light tunnel, hand held, moving car, no flash. Fun!


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