My Secret Place

My dear cousin who reads my blog from time to time may know this secret place. It is a place where we played as children, in a time of innocence, in a time when we did not know or understand the journeys and imperfections of our parents. There was no cause and effect, and the dark things were buried safely within our psyche....all that existed was joy in the most simple of things.

It is that joy that I revist from time to time, and I think of Joni Mitchell's song My Secret Place. Here, in a bit a creative writing, is a glimpse of my secret place....

In my world of fantasy, a world of unbridled passions and kisses that last a lifetime, I have a special place. It is a place that is tucked in between cool dark pines, where you breathe deeply and are transported to a time of agelessness and beauty. In a tiny field of sunshine and wildflowers rests my cottage, my refuge from the world and a place where only the sweetest of dreams come true.

This little cottage painted the bright red of pulsing blood, is adorned with the wildest and most fragrant white roses, their thorns carefully shielding themselves from my longing touch. In the gardens peonies bow gracefully, blueberries sing to birds., and grapes hang heavy from ancient arbors.

This cottage, simply filled, presents with a pot belly stove, a refrigerator, a table and a few chairs. In one corner is my easel, in another my rocking chair with a pile of books. The tiny bedrooms hold ancient beds, whose springs squeal family stories, and are covered with dolls - crackled, worn, whispering lullabies from the ghosts of children who once touched their faces.

In there I paint, while the airs of cellos, oboes and violins caress me. In there I visit my ghosts of my past. In there I seek truth and love and paint my visions and find the answers to HOW WHY WHEN WHERE AND SO? and leave fragments of clues for others to gather on their own journeys.

In there I find peace.

May your all have your secret place, and most of all, may it be a place of peace and of rest. patti


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