Back on Ebay

I have not listed on eBay in ages. It takes a lot of time, and I have had precious little of it. But I have this very cool lot of antique Hawaii photographs and real photo postcards, and I am enjoying doing the research in order to describe them as best as possible, and learning along the way.

This is a detail of a photo of a James Armstrong (on the left) in Oahu, Hawaii, in 1919. He owned hundreds of acres of rice fields. He is shown here standing in a cactus patch. Cactus were raised as fodder for cattle! He has some wild looking hair.

My eBay link is to the right if you want to see the other photos and cards I have listed. For future listings I have a photo of Edward, the Prince of Wales which is WAY well as erupting volcanos, funerals, skulls and more. I need to get my customer base back as the summer is coming and I will be doing the "hussle".

I was not in the greatest of moods today....I slept very little last night, woke up with a headache, had to deal with my car and a long day at school. I took my car to the mechanic who conferred my opinion that the battery was shot, and then he showed me why my light/and alarm were not working. The door switch was broken. Then I asked him about taking out the stereo and he printed up the schematics to get it out. He advised my NOT trying to take the unit apart.....just take it out, have it sent out to be fixed. I will see how far I get! Did I ever tell you my readers, that when I was 19 I was a safety mechanic on U Haul trucks?! (ok no U-Haul horror stories) Jamie, my mechanic, rocks...he takes such good care of me and my car!

At least the best was for last; my friend Tom and his son Nate stopped by, and later had a delightful evening dinner with Alanna, another good friend, and Larry out on the back porch which we opened up this past weekend. We had potato leak soup, brie and crackers, green and bead salad, and pasta with homemade marinara sauce. I have to say both the company and the dinner rocked!

So off to bed I go, I felt at peace by the end of the evening, and tomorrow is a new day.

Guten Nacht! Patti


Alec Millard said…
I like your blog and would like to do a link exchange.

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