Still Flooded

We had a two hour delay at school this morning due to many of the area roads still being flooded. Some of the roads I traveled on at 9:30 am had recently been opened back up as the tide was out and some of the tidal flooding from the Hudson and feeding creeks had subsided. Two schools were still closed today and flooding is still anticipated tomorrow. I must be thankful that only my studio took on water, as many had to have their basements pumped out by the fire department.

My entire evening was consumed by Alanna. She did not have a nap today, which trashed the evening as she was cantankerous, whiney, then got a second wind so that she would not go to sleep. Finally about 11 PM, I just left her, put the gate up, and said good night. Tomorrow morning she won't be able to wake up without having a nervous breakdown, and at lunch time will fall asleep in her food at daycare. SIGH. All because she did not or would not nap.(PS I know how I get when I am is no fun!!)

Megan is sick again, both from the chemo and another cold. However next week is the last week of chemo and radiation. They are starting to give her medicines to heal her ulcers, which have been raw and sometimes bleeding for the past six months.

I also went to see my friend Gary who is in the hospital with his third occurance of cancer. I had not seen him since the summer and was taken aback by the amount of weight he had lost, perhaps more so than any hair loss that he has suffered. Please keep him in your prayers and meditations as he receives chemo and radiation for the tumor in his lung.

Tonights watercolor sketch is about 5 or so years old of my studio. My house, a 1928 small Colonial Revival, was painted by the previous owner in pale gray with med-dark shutters. I repainted it a deep barn red, with sage green and deep gold trims, and burnt orange doors. I LOVE how my house zings and sings "Welcome" when I pull in the driveway. (As does my super soft down bed when I crawl in from a long day at work for a mini-nap which I did not get today!

Sweet dreams to you all, Patti


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