There are no medals in this lifetime.....

I had a crazy busy day today doing budgets, phone calls for photo equipment, some digital work for school, as well as writing up awards for the kids recognition ceremony today, most of which while teaching 7 periods of art. To top it off, we had an end of the day meeting.

I had a doc appointment as the school nurse did not like the look of the toe nail on the toe that had been infected. Lynn looks at my foot and sure enough, I probably need surgery. I insisted on valium if that is the case as NO f$#%#^ doctor is coming near me with a knife ever again unless I am stupified and don't care. I know I have to deal with this..infection can be deadly with metal plates and screws only a few inches away from the site.

My doctor knows the stress I am going through, and she told me that when I cried in her office last month (the first time in 20+ years and I have had some tough shit go down over the past 25 years...) that it upset her very much. She said out of all the women she has ever treated, I was one who gave so much and have had nothing but heartbreak, and that I deserved a medal. I replied: "there are no medals in this just do what you have to do", and I hugged her, and left.

I went out to my car and it was dead again. I made a call or two to get a ride, no one was around, so I walked the 2 miles home. I was ok with it. It gave me time to think (like I already don't do that enough) it was 80 degrees and DRY, I was dressed comfortably, and almost welcomed the forced exercise and meditation of the journey. It was, simply put, another adventure. It is one of my tools that I pull out that helps me keep a smile on my face.

So my car has a major electrical problems I think. I always seem to get electrical problems in my cars which could never be found..Larry said my crazy energy fries out the electrical system of things. I say haha bite me (only kidding..)

Larry's car has something wrong with it and it is going into the shop, and I may have to bite the bullet and rent a car till one or both of our cars are fixed. When it rains, it pours. But, you know, it is really nothing when you think of all the other possibilites.

Off to bed I go. I am tired and will crawl up the stairs and probably pass out in a heartbeat.

Thanks for listening to me whine...and I have only told you half the story. I will save that for a different entry, or for Megan's blog, where it really belongs.

Give me strength...give me strength...or GIVE ME MONEY!!!!!!!! patti


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