Twin & Earth Day

Though Earth day is two days away and is on a sunday, I decided to sport my earth day t-shirt during our annual twin day at school with my friend Leah.

My friend Lois has an Aveda salon in Rhinebeck and the company sent her these t-shirt for earth day awareness. She gave me a few, and thus the outfit for twin day was born. Leah and I LOVE when we have an excuse to wear our leather pants and cowboy boots (its fun to be biker chics for a day) and I dug out my studded belt. The kids were fascinated that we had worn t-shirts, and many wanted to know the message. Instead of the typical satirical potty humor that the kids often sport, ours carried a message: " Every 15 seconds a child dies from a lack of access to clean water". It prompted many conversations and I was glad that we got the kids to think of something other than themselves. "One small change at a time" I tell myself.

We made the day fun, and as the school photographer I took lots of picture this week as it was spirit week. Crazy hair, mis-match day, hat day, inside out day, and twin day. I love the energy it promotes and it is times like these that keep me revved.

I went out for a while with some friends later on, and enjoyed the warmth of the sun (finally) and felt a slight stirring of spring fever deep within me. This weekend is supposed to be glorious, and I will clean out some of the gardens, and with any luck, plant some lettuce and snow peas.

The warmth of the sun will feel good upon my body, and the smell of the damp earth puts me in touch with nature.

And it is all good.

To spring and to honoring the earth, Patti


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