The Far Off World

I am only going to drop a quick bomb here and leave, as I sacrificed my evening and blog time tonight to watch the Bill Moyers special on PBS about the lies the Government fed us on the War on Iraq and how the press facilitated the war and it's support of it.

I hope many people watched it, as for me, it was just "preaching to the choir". And, unfortunately, because I was exhausted from going non-stop from 6 am till 9 pm, I fell asleep about a half hour into it.

What I woke up to was a French reporter (was he a reporter- I am not sure but that is inconsequential as to what he was) who went into the Sudan, describing the horrors of genocide in the country and how the world is turning a blind eye to it. I did a bit of research and discovered that many states, universities and retirement systems have investments in countries "that do major business in the African nation of Sudan" Hawaii was making a move that was socially responsible by forbidding such investments.

Wow, you learn something new every day....and the general public needs to not look at the "far off world" as something distant and not part of their life.

Off to sleep with troubled dreams. patti


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