Nano Nano

I have just joined the Nano generation. I broke down and bought an IPOD Nano at Sam’s Club for my trip, and for other times I need portable music that just slips in with my digital camera in my bag. Technology never ceases to amaze me.

Thankfully Megan came over and helped me transfer all of my music files from Jukebox to I-tunes, charge the Nano, and get the music I wanted onto it. I had a crash course, and I think I’ve got it!

I fit an amazing amount of music on it; from Yoga to Classical and Funk, I have it all. Now I can see my new obsession will be downloading music to my computer and uploading them onto I-tunes, and making play lists!!! Music is a very integral part of my life, and all I need to figure out is how to play my I-pod through my car until I get the CD player fixed!!!

I took another ride up to Woodstock to Pegasus shoes, where I found two pairs of shoes that were comfortable and that I could wear. My toe is KILLING me, so it was of utmost importance that I find a few pairs that will not hurt my foot or ankle. Found a pair of great lavender Portuguese shoes and a pair of Dansko shoes that should do it ok. I just pray that this infection goes away FAST and that no complications arise. I soak it, apply Tea Tree Oil, and taking all kinds of supplements to keep me healthy, and once I leave the ground tomorrow morning, I am ON VACATION AND A NEW ADVENTURE!

I packed my watercolors. It has been a long 6+ months since Mexico and since I did any little sketches and paintings. I miss having them to post on my blog, so I hope to have some new art for you. I am bringing a laptop, a camera, a flash drive and plan to write, make photos and art to post, and I will be blogging from the California Bay Area. Hopefully sunny and warmer than the East Coast, where we still, on April 1st, have snow in our yard.

Till tomorrow where I will be reporting from the other side of the US of A….……. Patti
PS Alanna who is 2.5 took this photo of me. I, of course, could not resist altering it in Photoshop. xxxxxx


Judy V. said…
Take care of your toe, have a blast and keep dreaming.
Anonymous said… - is a good place to pick up MP3's dirt cheap.

Safe travels,

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