Wake of the Flood

I remember having that Grateful Dead album, Wake of the Flood. I also remember the asshold soccer player that I was "dating" who stole that from me as well as all of my King Crimson records. He left a bad taste in my mouth for jocks, him and his taped up ankle.

All the area schools were closed today from all the localized flooding, except for MY school. I did get out early, had some time to do some things I needed to do, then I came home and crashed for a while.

I have not been sleeping well, but that has become a cycle in my life these days. I have come to accept it and try and grab a nap whenever I can. I even refused to answer the telephone when it rung TWICE.

Afterwards I went out to the studio and tried to clean up the mud residue, and the puddles of water that were still on sections of the floor. Each time it floods I have to rearrange things, and rethink what to keep and how to store it. Forces me to Feng Shui it!

In spite of the cleaning I did manage to finish a watercolor/illustration for tonight's blog. The top one is a quick sketch I did from the plane. It is one of my favorite quick sketches because it captures the essence of the fields below me. The other is a painting done of the Marin Headlands the evening I went to watch the sun set and the divers come out of the water and strip. I still managed to put enough concentration into painting instead of the boys. The painting will mean more to me in the end.

Off to turn of the heat and lights in the studio, and get ready for some R and R.
I suspect a few schools might have delays as flooding is still predicted through tomorrow night and wednesday morning. I myself must be ready for tired kids who have had three days off and are infected with spring fever to boot. Personally, with temps in the 30's, snow, sleet, rain and little sun, spring fever has not hit here yet.

Ciao, Patti


Judy V. said…
Hey Patti,
Yikes! Don't drive yourself nuts!
LOL (with empathy)
Love Judy

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