On the Bay

1976. Took a year off after high school to work and get my life together so that I could start college. I went to San Francisco, Los Angles, and Phoenix with my aunt on a road trip where I stayed at the infamous Clift Hotel, lounged and star-watched at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and shopped at Goldwater's.

It was on the ferry to Sauselito that I met a young man and had one of my first formal dates. It was one of the most memorable nights....riding up and down the hills of San Francisco in a vintage red covertable, drinking at the Top of the Mark, dining at Chen's, and breathtaking views of the bay at night.

Then in the 1980's I went with an ex boyfriend, and again I returned to the Top of the Mark for a drink. If I am in the neighborhood I will surely check it out another time-if only just to smile at the days of my youth.

The flight here was unremarkable save for the fact that the airlines called me at 2 AM to tell me that my departing flight was delayed 2 hours and they had to change my entire itinerary. Imaging having to make major decisions after being woken from a very sound sleep. I got here, that is all that counts. It was a long ride, it is almost 2 AM eastern time, and I am fried.

Photos: a view from the plane, and the other is a view from Bardet's apartment in Sauselito..overlooking the Golden Gate, San Francisco, Angel Island, Alcatraz AND MORE. I will sleep tonight with the sound of the waves lapping underneath my slightly opened window.......


MB Shaw said…
Wish I could have been a stow-away in your luggage. My fave place in the world. My studio used to be in the ICB building in Sausalito.
Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to hear all the details. MB

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