Electronics and Organization

The weather in the northeast since last evening has not been conducive to doing much more than catch up on bills, letters, phone calls, and, my biggest challenge that I have been working on: organization.

My computer room is a mess; items to sell on ebay, shipping materials, artwork, bits and pieces of things that go into artwork. I found some things that made me stop and ponder, and think about my past. Unearthing some of the things that I did made me sad at times, wistful others, and sometimes I would find something that would make a big grin break out on my face.

Then there was the electronic “stuff”. I started to gather all my electronic and related items together in one spot. Corners of my house hide A/C adaptors of all sizes, headphones, jacks, and some things that I don’t recognize, not even vaguely.

I had to do a surface sweep as the studio was calling to me, then in the middle of working, water started pouring into my studio from all the heavy rain we are having. I spent an hour or two mopping, throwing down towels (like every towel from my closet), moving things, taking up the rugs, hauling away bags full of heavy wet towels that I think killed my back. Finally I gave up. Practically in tears I stomped into the house and told Larry that there was no hope. I could not keep up with the flow of water.

He went out there and came in shaking his head. He had no clue what I had been battling. He took off and went to Target to pick up a shop vac. He managed to get it under control so that it did not flood the entire room, just ½ of it. I have yet to go back out and see what is happening now. I dread it, and I have the feeling that I will be up every few hours to deal with it.

What I managed to gather during a quick run through my house was the following:

2 portable CD players
Two mini portable CD recorders/players
2 battery chargers
2 digital cameras
2 35 mm. Cameras
2 card readers
5 sets of head phones
1 flash drive
1zip drive
5-35 mm flash units
A pile of USB cords/connectors
Tons of stereo jacks
3 cell phones
2 cell phone chargers
1 I-Zone Camera (what was I thinking?!)
A Pedometer (given to me before the fall)

I know there is a box that contains more cords, jacks, and some paraphernalia for one of the walkman. I don’t have a portable DVD player, or a palm pilot, or any of those other small hand held device, unless a hand held Tetris game counts.

I need to figure out what works here, and what is trash. What is saleable, what can be given away. Can’t bring in the new unless I feng shui out the old!!

Hope you are all dry where you are. I am heading out in the rain to see what I am up against for the next few hours. I hope it changes to snow in order to slow down the flow of water!

Tonight’s photo is of my brother and I with my father when we lived in Long Island. We looked pretty happy, don’t we. Ah, but what hides deep below the surface……….. patti


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