She Carried a Broom

I just got is near midnight. I came home from a long frustrating day at school, and attempted to take a nap. I don't know if it was that I was overtired, or the caffeine that I had during the day kept me wired, but I did not sleep much, and just sunk into my soft mattress and tried not to think. HA-right?)My entire body ached from being on my feet and lack of sleep.

I laid in bed and tried focusing on one thought and image, and was amazed at how my brain would jettison to another thought, and another, till I was in some intense scenario in my head, and I would nod out for a brief while, and then start the process all over again. Sometimes I wonder if my brain is normal, or if it has more than the average synapses and firings, because it sure is constantly active, to the point where I get annoyed and have to make it stop. I wish I could hook my brain up to a machine of some sort and make money from it. It works way too hard and is way too creative for the salary I am getting, LOL.

Tonight's card made me chuckle. I tell my kids in school that my broom is my transportation home. They look at me as if I am crazy. In reality, I am sure I am unlike many adults they know, but I inspire, love, teach, honor, and respect them and hope that I can be a positive role model in their life as a unique and creative individual who is alive every moment of her life.

The card is made with a hand watercolored print from around 1835, and is a mixed media collage with art paper, metallic thread, and antique words.

Yep. She carried a broom and flew on magic carpets, turned frogs into princes and princesses and said all is good.

Happy friday night, xxxp

PS and if I hear ONE MORE WORD on CNN about IMUS I am going to throw up. Shut up already! People are dying all over the world, there is still a war on, and we are giving Imus all this air time?! SICK.


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