Techno Adventures

I fill my days solid with all that I have to do, all those ten thousand things. I hope that the universe grants me nine lives in order to get them done. I did so much that again I ran out of steam to write last night (also being harassed by my hormones is not helping things either), but I have my coffee in hand, and am recharged for the next 15 hours.

I mentioned in a previous blog that I have been into electronics these days. I really want to keep in step with the pop culture and their ease of use of all kinds of technology. Though I STILL WON'T turn on my cell phone when I go out unless I want you to find me, I am slowly becoming plugged into the electronic world.

I got my fabulous phone and hands free headset which will allow me to talk to you while I am working on my house or in my studio. I have avoided calling some of you because there is simply very little time to sit and talk. Being a type A personae, I find it very DIFFICULT to sit, so now I can work and talk.

I also decided to upgrade my computer so that I can add some programs. I have outgrown my RAM and went and bought more. I have not taken my computer apart to install if you don't hear from me you know I screwed something up badly.

I also bought the gadget for my IPOD so that I can play it through the FM in my car, but I am very disappointed in the quality. I wonder if the tape that goes into your tape deck works better as it is not relying on signal, rather goes directly into the car (I think...)

Probably one the the most useful things I need in the future is a GPS system. I have a terrible sense of direction, and a slight phobia about driving places I have never been to, so I am wondering if that might enable me to be less stressed and able go on more radical adventures. For my trip to my sisters this week, (to help her with the girls while she is givig birth to Alex) I bought a map of Westchester so that I can get a sense of where I am and maybe even be adventurous and take a few side trips while the girls are in school.

And, while at my sister's, I will get to explore her Super Mac laptop loaded with every art program I could dream of. I still need a laptop, and am debating on what to do. Buy a cheap one just for writing and minimal photoshop work, or go for a fabulous one which might eventually replace this computer in a few years when it becomes totally obsolete. It's only a matter of money.

We went to visit Beppo in the hospital and spent an hour with her yesterday. The vet is not too optimistic, but I thought she looked great considering the condition she is in and not eating. She purred, stood up a few times, and I am sure was thrilled that we came to visit. They will rerun her blood work again on monday, and then we will know the prognosis. I don't believe in letting an animal (or human for that matter) suffer a long and drawn out death. If she is terminal, then I will be there with her so she can gently drift off to sleep.

Off to dismantle my computer and hope that it helps it a bit.

Today's photo was taken by Larry looking at my studio through a glass globe I have in the garden. It was taken spring of last year; the garden is not quite that lush yet, but I am working on it.

Perhaps I will return later, xxpatti


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