Saturday Morning Groan

I was too fried to write last night. Some days I just don't have one bit of energy left to think.

I have been busy preparing for a workshop to deliver to art teachers on Monday. The workshop person they had backed out, and here was an opportunity dropped right into my lap to share my expertise on digital photography, Photoshop, and how to incorporate it into the classroom art curriculum. I have a few lessons that I have developed over the years that are amazing. I am delighted to share with others, and in fact, need to start writing them down and submitting them to Art Education journals before someone else does. (the story of my life in designing)

I have been asked to write a few articles for various web sites and been forwarded a request for a submission for an anthology. Though I still am insecure as to my writing abilities (insecurity is unfortunately part of my secret ancient past) I won't get published if I don't submit. And I have been somewhat successful in my art endeavors, so why not writing? I have been practicing by writing diligently to my blog nearly every night for a year now, and my friend Kip assures me I can do anything I want. (everyone needs to have friends like that...)

I never got home till near 5:30, crashed from lack of sleep till 7:30, and then Larry too me to dinner at the Egg's Nest in High Falls, which, if any of you in the Hudson Valley have not been there, should get your butts to this unique and fun eatery. Every inch of the historic building is collage and assemblage and painting. Unique, fun, eccentric, good inexpensive food, and you never know who you might run into there. (I sat and stared at Aidan Quinn's baby blues one

Once I got home, I stared at my computer, shook my head, and bolted upstairs to the soft embrace of my bed. My dreams were troubled, hot flashes all night, and I was upset and woke up as Beppo came to visit me in my dream. Before my other cat Chessie died, she did that too.

I am heading over to the mechanic's to get my switch put in, Larry's car is in there already as it needs a new starter, and I will go and visit Beppo to pet her and let her know I am still here. I have an order to fill and deliver tomorrow, and the card on the blog I made for Mother's Day.

I have NOT become my mother thank God, at least at this point. My mother's story is very sad, and I cannot go there right now. I am proud that I have had the desire and strength to surpass the faults and weakness of my parents, though they have passed me a few new ones that I still struggle with....but I don't mind the challenges as out of them come growth.

Off to start the day and more later. Patti O Block


Anonymous said…
you write great, just do it and bang it out, look it over and correct. You can do it!!


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