The Beppo Story

I had just split up with the man who I was going to marry. I had invested six years with him, and I have to say, many of them were fun, full of great dinners, travel, and he was good to my young children. But one day he realized he was not in love with me any more, and it ended. In the blink of an eye, in the beat or lack of a beat of the heart.

I took my dignity and my love, packed them in with the rest of my belongings, and once again I left my home with kids in tow, and Chessie my calico cat, howling in the front seat of the U-Haul, wrapped around my neck.

I picked up the remains of my life and started all over again. My children did not understand the affairs of the heart and had a really rough time. While selling my cards at the local artsy flea market,(where I got a start to the businesses I now run) I saw a litter of kittens that someone was giving away. I chose the most friendly one for Megan as she was having a horrid time of it all.

We named her Beppo, after a monkey whose antics lived in an antique Mother Goose book I had of my fathers. Beppo was rocked in a cradle, Beppo wore a baby t-shirt to bed. Beppo was a cool cat till Megan moved out 5 years ago, and then she developed some really weird habits.

Needless to say we kept her in spite of her annoyances and tempermental behavior, and we loved and spoiled her.

Today I took her to the vet. She has kidney failure. Megan called me from a party..I was torn about telling her. I did not want to make her sad. But I also wanted to give her the opportunity to see her tomorrow should she get worse. I don't think Megan is ready to let go of her yet.

Beppo is a symbol of survival, of love, of healing, of starting over again.
I told the doctors to please give her lots of love and talking to as that is the very thing that will keep her alive. I will visit her tomorrow with Megan and Alanna if they let us. I hope that seeing us will keep her spirit strong.


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